Geotechnical inversion

With pre-stack seismic inversion we can invert for bulk modulus, shear modulus and density – and from these properties we can derive Synthetic CPTs and geotechnical parameters such as cone resistance, sleeve friction and soil type. This makes it possible to obtain a spatial understanding of the geotechnical parameters. This can assist with de-risking foundations, foundation design and planning of additional geotechnical field measurements.

Our sister company Solidground can integrate the geotechnical inversion results in a 3D ground model. They apply a geological approach focusing on prior knowledge of the basin setting when integrating data. This results in a coherent ground model that is based on units and properties that are in compliance with the general geological understanding of the area. The resulting ground model will efficiently capture 3D distribution of geotechnical properties relevant for design and planning of installations as well as an assessment of geo-hazards.

2D mini sections though 3D geotechnical inversion results. Left to right, density, bulk modulus, cone resistance and sleeve friction. Central panel inserts are the corresponding geotechnical measurement at this location.

3D map view of geotechnical inversion results (Sleeve friction)