Qeye join forces with Per Avseth and Jack Dvorkin


Qeye, a leading provider of customised quantitative interpretation (QI) solutions, has partnered with two world leading rock physicists, Per Avseth and Jack Dvorkin.

Qeye has set new standards for QI technologies and services since its establishment five years ago and is now taking another major step towards developing its business. Qeye has entered into a collaboration agreement with Dr. Jack Dvorkin and Dr. Per Avseth (G&G Resources), where they will join Qeye in the capacity of Scientific Advisor.

Under this new agreement, a “Special Projects Team” will be formed, where clients can work directly with Qeye and their two advisors to tackle the most challenging exploration and production projects.

“Dr. Jack Dvorkin and Dr. Per Avseth bring a wealth of knowledge in the fields of rock physics and seismic Quantitative Interpretation. Together with our cutting edge and innovative software solutions, we offer a full range of technology consulting services to serve our client’s needs.” says Anders Bruun, Qeye General Manager.

“I am excited to join the team at Qeye,” says Dr. Jack Dvorkin, “with its unique services and deep insight into the industry, Qeye creates amazing results for their customers and is a leading and well respected service provider within Quantitative Interpretation. Qeye has achieved this by having a knowledgeable and experienced team who always goes the extra mile for their clients.”

“I can only agree with Jack – Qeye has come a long way in a short time and has a very knowledgeable and experienced team who are able to address complex reservoir challenges with their advanced QI-technology and software,” says Dr. Per Avseth, “Qeye has constantly demonstrated to be on the technology forefront within seismic Quantitative Interpretation and I’m pleased now to be able to work with Qeye.”