Qeye is [virtually] attending the inaugural EAGE conference on seismic inversion

Qeye is proud sponsor of this week's inaugural EAGE seismic inversion conference. The conference is to be held virtually.

Ask Jakobsen will be presenting his talk:
"Direct Probabilistic Inversion for Facies Using Zoeppritz Reflectivity Model",
Monday at 12:05 during the Rock and Fluid Predictions session

Anders Bruun will be one of the panelist on the panel discussion:
Barriers to Industry Adoption of Seismic Inversion: Value, Integration and Communication,
Wednesday at 15:30

We encourage you to visit our virtual booth in the "Virtual Exhibition Gallery"
Tuesday 15:00-15:45 and Wednesday 13:20-14:05.

Please visit www.seismicinversion.org for more details.