Qeye is [virtually] attending SEG 2020

If you are attending the virtual SEG conference this week then here are a few QI themed highlights for you.

Technical sessions

Evan Mutual - "Beyond seismic stack: Rock physics inversion for horizontal well placement in Southern Alberta"
Session INT P3
October 13 13:30

Raul Cova - "Facies classification and surface interpretation using direct probabilistic inversion of AVO data"
Session ID: AVOSI P1
October 13 - 11:00

Booth webinars

Bill Goodway - "Seismic QI for unconventionals"
Christian Proud - "4D Rock physics incorporating saturation and pressure change effects"
Rob Ross - "PPPS simultaneous AVO inversion for improved density characterization"

The booth is manned 24/7 for the full duration of the exhibition, the webinars span all the time-zones and feature live Q&A, discussion and networking.

Software demonstration

Live demos of QeyeCloud on demand. We will be showcasing the latest features that are available in the subscribers version including pressure dependent rock physics.