Joining forces to bring a unique reservoir modelling workflow to the Middle East

By combining seismic reservoir characterization capabilities from Qeye and reservoir modelling experience from GeomodL a unique and complete workflow are offered from seismic data to reservoir property models: seismic geomodelling.

Qeye is a geophysical technology company specialising in quantitative interpretation (QI). Tailored QI workflows combine measurements and interpretations across disciplines and across different scales. Integration of geological interpretations with geophysical measurements makes it possible move beyond the elastic domain and therefore better understand the reservoir properties.

GeomodL has developed an innovative seismically based static reservoir modelling solution aiming at boosting predictive power away from well control. The static reservoir models achieve a superior predictive power constrained by the 3D seismic data. The seismic geomodelling solution is used across the E&P lifecycle from exploration to appraisal to mature field.

Utilizing this combined and iterative workflow in a dynamic scripting environment and experienced experts ensures that it is easy execute the client’s requests and at the same time provide a fast project turn-around. Together with our client it is now possible to unlock the full power of subsurface data be ambitious extracting the full value from the geoscience data.

Providing a unique combination of local geology expertise with global experience, the seismic geomodelling solution is a game changer in the Middle East region where in general seismic inversion products are rarely used in a reservoir modelling context.

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